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House D is the name given to the fourth of the five N.Z. all-wood, wedge-style construction, earthquake-proof Lockwood houses built on the side of  the 2,000 tsubo (two acres) Nakadaki Heights  area in our Nakadaki Center community.  (For full details of the community go to Site Details).

Each house plot is surrounded by trees providing full privacy. House D enjoys the largest plot area - 1,250 square meters or almost 400 tsubo.

House size is also large, with one very large dining room kitchen and two bedrooms on the first floor,  and a mezzanine balcony area plus large ensuite bedroom upstairs.  Surrounded by a very large garden filled with fruit trees and vegetable plot,  it is ideal for a four-five person family seeking rural living close to beaches, free sporting facilities (tennis, squash, canoes) and Tokyo train/road access.    

Total house area - 130 square meters.  

The plot backs on the heavily forested former Nakadaki castle hill ready for exploration and adventure. The entire Nakadaki area is a goldmine of hidden temples, shrines and mountain trails,  and includes much untouched wilderness.