Large Lockwood Family Home 'Prow House'

This uniquely designed, luxury, all-wood 230 square meter house sits high on a prow-shaped ridge overlooking the Nakadaki Center site and surrounding countryside. Located on the Boso Peninsula east coast, it is ideal for a family that wants to enjoy country living while being within commuting distance of Tokyo. Free use of the adjacent large all-wood conference building, omni tennis court and large kitchen barbecue area also make it ideal as an executive residential plus staff seminar or recreational facility.

2 bathrooms, 3.5 bedrooms (one is Japanese stlye tatami) large kitchen dinning room. Cathedral windows in main livingroom

Large Dining Room
Overlooking Living Area
Built to order just three years ago, its thick 102 mm. timber planks imported from the Lockwood company in New Zealand provide year-round insulation, while its large, south-facing, living-room, cathedral window leaves the interior bathed in sunshine during the winter months. Its unique Lockwood wedge construction also makes it earthquake proof.

Japanese Tatami and Western-style Bedrooms
Rental: 250,000 yen/month. For further details of location etc, see other entries on the Nakadaki Home website.
First Floor
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